Personalised Sampling


What better way to get your product out there than with a freebie? Using data, we can select your desired target audience through our personalised sampling programme online!

Through online media, customers within the selected audience can directly add 1 freebie per order to their basket. Only customers within the selected audience will be presented with the media advertised which will highlight that there is a free product on offer to them.

There are a number of pre-built segments to choose from, based on the category of the freebie. 

It is up to you how many samples you wish to send out and this must be communicated via your account manager at booking stage. The samples are sent out in regular grocery home shopping orders, so there's no extra work for you! The samples are also capped, once they are gone, they are gone!

Once your samples have all been redeemed, we will go live again post-campaign backed with new data collated from those orders that included a freebie. We will re-target those customers with the aim to convert them into a full price purchase and adopt your product in their regular shop.