Partners for Growth

Innovative, Collaborative, Impactful


As a partner you will benefit from being able to trial new creative opportunities, targeting both in-store and online customers. The Partners for Growth programme allows suppliers the opportunity to create high impact brand awareness across the ASDA media portfolio, using exclusive media formats.


Take a look at some of the Partners for Growth campaigns that have landed at ASDA...




Heineken's takeover of the BWS aisle with their striking, illuminated branding created significant standout, ensuring that their brand was front of mind with every shopper in, or passing the aisle.

Digital Blinkers

Digital Shelf Stripping

Digital Hanging Signage



Walkers used a combination of digital media to ensure that their bay got noticed. Digital Blinkers guided shoppers to their position in-aisle, while the digital header created impactful branding at point of sale. Digital Shelf Stripping brought every shelf to life, leaving shoppers in no doubt which brand they should be looking for!

Full bay including digital bay header, digital blinkers and digital shelf stripping

Digital Blinkers

Digital Shelf Stripping



Muller trialed this impactful display featuring a large static header, overlaid with a digital header, ensuring that shoppers were in no doubt where Muller products were placed. Digital Blinkers meant shoppers' attention was drawn as they walked past the end of the aisle.

Digital Header

Digital Blinkers

Static Header



Birdseye took over the Frozen aisle with a range of impactful new media, leaving shoppers in no doubt which brand can help them achieve their tasty festive feast!

Freezer Blinkers

Freezer Blinkers + Freezer Stickers

Hanging Signage, Floor Sticker and Freezer Blinkers

Floor Sticker

Cabinet Freezer Sticker

Chest Freezer Sticker



Speak to your Cat Ex contact or your AMP Account Manager to find out how you can be involved in our Partners for Growth programme.