Case Study

Accolade Wines: Mud House Rose, June 2020


Consideration: Drive to Aisle Purchase: Drive Conversion

Campaign Period

18/06/20 - 05/08/20


£20,001 - £50,000

The Challenge

Drive awareness of the new Mud House Rose SKU, recruiting new consumers and converting Mud House Sauvignon Blanc drinkers to purchase the New Rose SKU.


What We Did


Online: Category Navigation Banner

Online: Department Navigation Banner

Online: Trolley Banner

In-Store POS: Like This, Try This Barker

In-Store POS: Bubble



    Campaign Summary









 Online Summary











Featured product sales were in line with that of the PPG.

This campaign was running during the period that pubs and bars opened (England & Wales wk 27) – sales dropped for the PPG during this time due to customers moving away from supermarket alcohol and back to OOH. Featured product sales dipped later than the PPG, showing that the media was still encouraging high sales.

The bubble worked well in store, especially in conjunction with the price promotion. I would suggest twinning these with some drive to aisle media such as D6s, to ensure customers go down aisle and then convert. The campaign may have seen better sales if it had more front of store visibility – having a combination of drive to aisle and conversion media typically sees greater results.

Sales fell from week 29 –This is when the price promotion ended I would recommend booking media in line with a price promotion as this is when customers are most receptive to trying a new product.


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