Case Study

Innocent Range Switch, Mar 2020


Consideration: Drive to Aisle

Campaign Period

19/03/20 - 20/05/20




What we did

Online - Home Page Promo Banner

In-Store - POS Bubble


   Campaign Summary









   Online Summary













Covid-19 lockdown hit in Wk13 which will have had a significant impact on the performance of this campaign, especially the drive to aisle objective.

With that in mind, the PPG saw a decline in sales during the campaign period.
However, the featured products saw a significant uplift in sales during the campaign period, and this was mainly driven by footfall throughout the campaign.

Online media achieved a CTR% of 0.16%, which is an above average CTR% for campaigns so far in 2020
Whilst the PPG also had a sales uplift during the campaign period, the featured products had a greater % growth, in turn, increasing their share of the PPG.

The Search Bundle had the highest CTR% with 1.22% whilst the Promo Banner highlighting price also saw strong engagement.



Digital 6-Sheets and Trolley Panels are other media that work very well in driving the footfall to aisle objective.
Other considerations for this objective would be Trolley Bays and Security Covers.

When promoting a staple product e.g. Orange Juice, a mini trolley is always beneficial to drive awareness and impulse, whilst COBYG could also be effective to drive impulse if the product has a desirable price promo.

Due to the recent pandemic, online shopping within ASDA has boomed significantly, providing a huge opportunity for brands to extend their online presence.


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