Case Study

Pepsico YAYcation Competition, July 2020



Conversion: Drive to Aisle  Purchase: Drive Conversion

Campaign Period

16/07/20 - 05/08/20


£50k - £100k


The Challenge

Most of PepsiCo's campaigns for Q2 2020 had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 (mainly the planned Euros activation), so we worked together to create a summer plan that gave customers something to get excited about during these uncertain times. With more people than ever planning to spend summer at home, combined with consumers reducing their household expenditure, PepsiCo wanted to give ASDA shoppers the chance to win cash prizes to enable the best staycation ever! The competition prize: £5,000 to deck out one lucky winner's garden for the summer.


What we did

Store - Digital 6 Sheets

Store - Shipper

Store - POS Competition Booklet

Entrance Media: Bollard Covers

Online - Competition Page

Online - Top Offers Rotating Banner


   Campaign Summary









   Online Summary












Featured products share of PPG increased by 5.5 percentage points.

£323k sales uplift was generated in store, with online generating £18k sales uplift.

We see a clear sales increase once the activity goes live, which emphasises how impactful campaigns can be when price promotion is run in line with media activation.

Taxonomy media drove the engagement for this campaign, with 29 clicks, whilst the highest CTR occurred with the Navigation Banner.

Visits sees uplift vs. the pre-period, with higher growth than the PPG.



Additional Conversion and Drive to Aisle media:
Consider adding a Bubble at point of sale, as this will help to ensure your product was top of mind once the customer is in aisle, after seeing the Digital 6 Sheets & Bollards to encourage customers go down the aisle.

Additional Online: Consider booking a Search Promo Banner as this offers onsite visibility with a consistently high average CTR across the impulse category.

Consider a Mini trolley for future conversion driving campaigns as this helps drive awareness of the product and promo offer throughout the customer journey. Using price promotion and media together is particularly effective for staple products, as shown in this campaign.

Item shops contributed the most to growth in the active period, demonstrating that this is an impulse purchase. Having online media such as a mini trolley could help further conversion due to the nature of the product.

In addition, Trolley and Basket shop also see uplift. Increased online dwell time may benefit mini trolley CTR and conversion potential as well as FM Radio in store.

Uplift from all basket types shows that the featured product has cross customer appeal so using Search promo banners for everyday search terms such as Crisps or even cross category terms could bring more customers to the brand.


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