Case Study

P&G: Aussie Blonde, May 2020


Consideration: Drive to Aisle

Campaign Period

04/05/20 - 17/05/20


Up to £20,000


Animated Digital 6-Sheet

Animated Digital 6-Sheet

Animated Digital 6-Sheet


What we did


   Campaign Summary










The campaign was successful at driving incremental sales, as we can clearly see the effect of the media (+ price promo) in the active period vs. the post period when the promo was running alone.

Weeks 7-10 also provide a rough indication of the sales rate for this product when it’s on price promotion and this broadly falls in line with post sales. Again, this suggests the overall effectiveness of the media between weeks 19-21.

Adding in-store media such as FM Radio would reinforce the campaign messaging throughout the customer journey, encouraging increased drive to aisle.

The objective has been met as sales are predominantly driven by a 165% increase in footfall , which peak during wk19 and 21 when the D6s are introduced.

Although the campaign was effective at driving sales through an increase in shopper numbers, we see units per visit step back slightly in the active period. This suggests that there is an opportunity to drive an increase in basket size with additional media within the store or aisle. Media such as Asda FM or POS could help drive this .

Trolley shops contributed the most to growth in the active period and the post period, and is broadly in line with the trend we have seen since the Covid 19 outbreak; fewer shops but larger baskets.

Assuming shoppers are spending more time browsing the store whilst building larger trolleys, this again presents a great opportunity to communicate with them more frequently along the customer journey. Asda FM would be ideal for helping to achieve this.


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