Case Study

Premier Foods: Cadbury's Slices, May 2020


Consideration: Drive to Aisle Purchase: Drive Conversion

Campaign Period

30/04/20 - 20/05/20


£20k - £50k


The Challenge

Promote the Cadbury's Slices value message. 

What We Did

Online: Mini Trolley Banner 30/04/20 - 06/05/20

Online: Promo Banner 30/04/20 - 20/05/20

Online: Top Offers Rotating Banner 30/04/20 - 20/05/20 (not actual price shown!)


   Campaign Summary









   Online Summary












Sales of both the featured products and the PPG increased slightly during the Covid-19 panic buying, and fell again once the country was put into lockdown. Although the campaign saw decreased sales in week 21, the whole PPG did too,


We saw a big spike in active period sales due, in part, to the price promotion, but driven further by combining it with media activity.


£6k worth of sales uplift was generated via online shopping, most of which fell into weeks 20 & 21, with 188k media impressions overall. With a total digital investment of £4k, this element of the campaign returned a positive ROI.


The Mini-Trolley drove the highest number of impressions for this campaign at 157k, however low levels of customers engaged with it, with only 30 clicks. The Mini-Trolley drives high awareness for staple products, as customers see it throughout their online journey.


The Top Offers Banner delivered in-line with the average performance for Bakery, with a high level of impressions reached.




The in-store digital 6-sheets were extremely effective in driving shoppers to aisle during the campaign period. This could be improved upon with the addition of ASDA Radio, which provides a regular drive to aisle message throughout the in-store shopper journey.

Further to this, the use of in-aisle media such as Bubbles would further drive conversion for the featured products. It is worth noting that Bubbles could not be used during this campaign period.


Using Inserts or Favourites could encourage online conversion and highlight the low price point.


88% of customers research online and purchase offline. Increasing the visibility of the products would keep the products front of mind during the in-store shop.

Cross-selling into Impulse or using Impulse search terms in the future would be beneficial for a campaign like this, as they would be relevant for the featured product and would be aimed at a very relevant audience. 


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