Case Study

Yakult, April 2020


Purchase: Drive Conversion

Campaign Period

30/04/20 - 24/06/20


£20k - £50k


What we did

Online: Home Page Promo Banner

Mobile: MPU

Online: Trolley Banner


Online: Leaderboard


   Campaign Summary









   Online Summary












Observations & Recommendations:

A significant campaign uplift shows that the conversion objective was met.


During the pre-period, sales shot up due to the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. PPG sales were also up during the campaign, however featured product sales grew at a greater rate meaning that these products increased their sales share of the PPG.


Taxonomy banners and Inserts have delivered well in this campaign. It would also have been beneficial to include Search and Favourites media, which typically perform well against a conversion objective. In fact, Search, Favourites and Taxonomy make up over 80% of cart adds across the site, so it’s recommended to try to incorporate all 3 areas into every plan.


From a creative point of view, templates featuring pack shot and price have been seen to strongly support the conversion objective. For this campaign, Taxonomy banners have achieved the highest CTR.


Footfall online was the biggest driver of sales uplift for the campaign. Increased online shopping due to lockdown has exacerbated this.


As this was an online-only campaign, Trolley shops were the main visit (basket) driver due to the £40 minimum spend online. Due to this minimum spend, shoppers will be on the site for longer, giving more opportunity for media such as Taxonomy Banners to be effective.


The campaign appealed to all shopper types with Budget and Quality shoppers being the main drivers. There was no price promo during this campaign, suggesting that the products already offer great value for money, highlighting the importance of showcasing the price in the media.


Visits, Units Per Visit and Spend Per Unit all performed better for the featured products than the PPG.