Always On

Keeping your brand front of mind


While seasonal occasions lead to spikes in customer spend, we know that ASDA customers shop continuously throughout the year.


An Always On strategy ensures:

  • Customers will notice your brand whenever they shop
  • You maintain share of voice within your category
  • Your brand remains front of mind


50% of consumers state that they do a weekly shop at the store

The average customer makes 28.9 trips to store each year, spending £25.41 with each trip

Online, the average shopper spends £64.90 per shop, visiting the website 15.4 times per year

Always On

Reminding customers of the great reasons to buy your brand… every day


Always On ensures that customers will notice your brand every time they shop.


Enjoy the peaks, reduce the troughs


Seasonal events are a great focus for supplier promotions, resulting in significant sales spikes, but what about the dip in sales between events? We would expect sales to reduce between major occasions, but people continue to shop and the troughs can be minimised with an Always On strategy.

Always On visibility


Remaining visible is the key to Always On success, whether that’s a price promotion or simply a helpful inspiration campaign. Achieve standout and provide shoppers with a reason to choose your brand every day.