Campaign reporting

Understanding your campaign


Every campaign’s performance is measured to track performance against KPIs and objectives, highlighting uplifts and test and control ROIs to understand overall media effectiveness. Our standard insights reports provide detailed campaign analysis, learnings and recommendations.

Insight and analysis

Included in your campaign report


The following eight areas are covered in your campaign report. Click on each of these to find out more about the analysis provided. 

  • Media objectives, message, campaign value, ROI, reach [Method, SBP]
  • Total sales trend [Method, SBP]
Sales Uplift
  • Analysis by product, department & brand [Method, SBP]
  • Value sales performance [Method, SBP]
  • Pre vs. active & post [Method]
  • YoY / comparable period [SBP]
  • Online & instore [Method, SBP]
  • By region & store [Method]
  • Value sales performance [Method, SBP]
  • Overall, individual & combination analysis [Method, SBP]
  • Pre vs. active & post analysis [Method]
  • Recommendations by objective [Method, SBP]
Sales Analysis
  • By target segment [Method, SBP]
  • By message [Method, SBP]
  • By objective [Method, SBP]
  • PPG share [Method]
ROI Analysis
  • By message [Method, SBP]
  • By objective [Method, SBP]
  • By campaign [Method, SBP]
  • By media [Method, SBP]
  • Media sales performance/uplift [Method, SBP]
  • Basket affinity [SBP]
  • Device [SBP]
  • ROPO [Method, SBP]
  • Shopper journey analysis [Method, SBP]
Test & Control Campaign Analysis
  • Testing campaign across multiple media and / or creative [Method, SBP]
  • Testing store selection [Method]

You can view an example of our Standard Campaign Report + Glossary of terms here:

Example Campaign Report