ASDA Rewards 1st Birthday

Celebrating one year of ASDA Rewards – and what a great year it’s been! ASDA Rewards has been recognized as one of the leading rewards programs in the UK. More than 7 million customers have used the ASDA Rewards app since launch, earning over £200 million in their Cashpots, which can be spent on their ASDA shop.

ASDA celebrated Rewards’ first birthday in September, launching our biggest giveaway since Rewards started, with £15 million up for grabs on our ‘Spin the Wheel’ game. To win their share of the £15m, customers who spent £5 of more in-store or online, could scan their Rewards app and spin the wheel, for a chance to win Rewards Cashpot prizes of up to £100.





A physical version of the game was also brought to life at 15 ASDA stores, from 21st September to Monday 24th September, inviting customers to interact with our large digital Spin the Wheel, for the chance to win ASDA Rewards merchandise and a range of ASDA products. The game was a huge hit with our customers, with almost 7,000 shoppers playing the game whilst visiting us in store.

Alongside the game, shoppers were also able to sample ASDA Extra Special Asti Sparkling Wine – perfect for any celebration!

 Mark Baxter, Senior Director for Loyalty at Asda, said: 
“We launched Asda Rewards last year to reward customers for simply shopping at Asda. Since then, over 7m customers have been earning pounds by buying star products and completing missions.

“We are always looking at new ways to give back to our customers via Asda Rewards, so we’re excited to be celebrating its first birthday by rewarding our customers with a guaranteed Cashpot bonus throughout September.”