Big Night In Event

As the nights draw in that little bit darker and colder, the Big Night In event makes a return to ASDA, inspiring shoppers with products for  the perfect cosy night in. This year Big Night In came back bigger than ever, with 26 suppliers participating in the event overall and some additional sponsorship opportunities available to brands, including retailtainment, sampling and an online competition.

The event had great visibility in-store, taking over the seasonal aisle with event-branded media and featured products, as the destination for all things Big Night In. Nine different store media formats were utilized throughout the duration of the event, to ensure maximum reach and to engage with consumers at all touchpoints of the shopper journey.

In addition to the standard event media, Big Night In also had an additional opportunity for suppliers to engage with shoppers on a greater level, with a Retailtainment activation set up in 15 stores, across a 30-day period. The retailtainment included a spin-the-wheel game where players could win prizes to take home with them.

Shoppers could also sample products from a BNI event-branded stand which showcased the products and the featured brand logos on large floor stickers, to give the brands maximum exposure. BNI branded Floor Stickers featuring the sampling products were also placed in aisle, to signpost where the products were located and to give the brand and event greater visibility.

83% of shoppers who interacted with the BNI sampling stand said that they were likely to purchase the featured products after trying them in-store.

25 digital campaigns were booked for the event, with 239 media banners driving traffic to the Big Night In page on ASDA’s GHS site. Suppliers could also buy into the ‘Stars of the Show’ event hub which had several sponsorship opportunities, including carousel banners, branded navigation buttons leading to shoppable brand pages with billboards, promo banners and product listings. The Hub could be located through a banner ad on the BNI Event Page and via driving media that was booked across the GHS site.

A ‘Spin-to-win’ competition was hosted on ASDA Groceries in October, as part of AMP’s Big Night In event, offering shoppers the chance to win ASDA Rewards Cashpot Prizes. The competition was promoted on and within the Rewards app, using navigational driving media to take shoppers to the competition page. This was a great success which has proved popular with ASDA shoppers.




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