Muller - Strategic Brand Partnership

In November 2020 Muller became one of ASDA's first suppliers to invest in a brand partnership aimed at shining a spotlight on the chilled category whilst creating an impactful POS that shoppers simply couldn't miss!

Following the successful rollout, we caught up with Muller's Senior e-Commerce Development Manager, Michael Lovitt, to get his thoughts on the process and delivery.


"When you work with ASDA in this way, it really feels like a true partnership, to learn and deliver on an agreed set of objectives together, and not just an opportunity for more investment."

Give us a brief overview on your journey from initial engagement to landing.

"Muller have always had a close working relationship with ASDA, and a fantastic shopper fit being a common ground to build on. We'd been discussing what we could do differently to increase conversion when ASDA came to us with a number of potential concepts at a kick-off session in London. Over the month to follow, we tailored the opportunities based on the needs of the category, with regular cross functional alignment sessions that involved both teams at all levels to co-create a multi-channel plan that's pushed the boundaries on the art of the possible. When Muller grows, so does the category and we're confident with the early sales results we are seeing that this partnership is delivering."


Tell us about the way of working and partnership with ASDA

"Honesty, transparency, flexibility and focus have been key to landing this partnership on time and in a way that is beneficial to us both. Ways of working have been a great example of co-creation rather than a silo supplier and retailer relationship.

What was the implementation process like?

"Challenging at times, as with anything new and different, but it really has brought both sides together to deliver on a common goal. Online was a smoother process than in-store, ensuring the activities complemented our base. However, in-store we faced more challenges around the store choice and ability to activate at scale. Saying that now, the activations are live and bedding in. The transition between waves of activity is proving to feel much more like the standard media process."

How does it make you feel, seeing it landing in-store and online?

"We feel very proud to be one of only a small handful of suppliers to be able to land this level of innovation both in-store and online. It really is a game changer in how we bring our brands to life in ASDA."

How is this a step on from other media for brand standout?

"In-store amplification in chilled has become somewhat stagnant in the last several years, so being able to work on a project that doesn't restrict thinking to the abilities of a cardboard fin within a retailer template, is like a breath of fresh air. Similarly, when we look to what we've landed online, the ability to deliver both targeted and personalised media, as well as innovation in more broadcast solutions, really has allowed us to target the right shopper with the right message at the right time."


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