ASDA Event Guide and Value Leaflet

For 2021 ASDA have replaced ASDA Magazine with 2 new publications designed to better serve customer and advertiser needs - to drive loyalty, inspire shopping missions, promote value and give customers an ongoing reason to shop at ASDA.

ASDA Event Guide

The ASDA Event Guides are designed to inspire shoppers with the very best seasonal opportunities. We have pin-pointed 3 key times of year - Spring, Summer and Christmas - when we know that ASDA shoppers push the boat out and spend that extra bit more, buying gifts and treats or catering for friends and family.

The Event Guide content is a refreshing mix of lifestyle inspiration, product recommendations and serving suggestions, curated to resonate with ASDA shoppers while showcasing some of the best deals on food and drink, home, fashion, toys and entertainment. Event Guide readers will be immersed in the latest seasonal trends and must-haves, and we'll show them exactly what to buy and where to get it!

Our Event Guides will leave you feeling bright, cheerful, optimistic and ready to have some fun, hopefully face-to-face rather than on Zoom!


ASDA Value Leaflet


Our new Value Guides are there to appeal to loyal existing customer, but also to attract a new shopper into ASDA. Both audiences need to see that shopping at ASDA is the smartest choice you can make.

Smart because unlike a trip to the discounters where that 'Spanish Special' may be great, but you still need a top up shop for your daughter's Pantene requirements - a trip to ASDA sees you able to shop ALL your needs at good prices. This new guide is price-proud and will not shy away from leading the conversation with a price offering - with value this good why not shout about it?

But this isn't just about highlighting low prices - the guides also curate products for you, offer handy hints and hacks to help you make the most of your shop AND showcases all the other reasons to make ASDA your first choice supermarket. From its exclusive product ranges, innovations in food and even its charity campaigning, our 16-page print product gives you multiple smart reasons to shop at ASDA.



Event Guide


  • 6,000,000*



  • 3,700,000


Store Pick-Up

  • 1,500,000


GHS Delivery

  • 800,000


Value Leaflet


  • 5,500,000


Door Drop

  • 4,302,000


Store Pick-Up

  • 1,198,000


* Exact distribution from the Summer Guide to the end of 2021 has not been confirmed, but will be between 5m & 6m per issue

Old vs. New Comparison


ASDA Magazine (OLD)

  • Size: A5
  • Reach: 1.4m
  • Distribution Methods: 1
  • Ad formats: 2


ASDA Event Guide (NEW)

  • Size: A4
  • Reach: 6m*
  • Distribution Methods: 3
  • Ad formats: 6


ASDA Value Leaflet (NEW)

  • Size: A4
  • Reach: 5.5m*
  • Distribution Methods: 2
  • Ad formats: 6


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