Nestle Golden NPD Launch

In the Q1 pitches, Nestlé won over the Merchant’s Den dragons with their new Golden Collection – reintroducing some of their best-loved brands with a golden twist. The collection includes Aero Golden Honeycomb, Milkybar Gold, Munchies Gold made with Caramac, and Smarties Gold Buttons made with Caramac, which was exclusive to ASDA.

The range landed in ASDA in March/April, with an impactful omnichannel campaign, that enabled the brand to engage with ASDA shoppers across various touchpoints, both online and in-store. Shoppers were introduced to the new Nestlé Golden Collection at multiple stages of their shopping journey - on entry of the store/website, at shelf level and again at the checkout/exit.

Nestlé Golden had maximum visibility to shoppers, with a front of store sampling experience that invited them to discover the collection, taste the products and win free samples to take away with them – a great way to showcase NPD and engage with shoppers, whilst aiding conversion & driving sales.

The in-store campaign also included entrance media (Security Covers and Digital 6 Sheets) stand-out shelf media (Barker & Hotspot), an ASDA Magazine ad and coverage on ASDA FM – a combination that ensures visibility at every stage of the customer journey, making the campaign and the product memorable.

The NPD was also visible to ASDA’s online shoppers with various digital banners across different locations of the site, driving to a Nestlé Brand Zone where shoppers could browse and shop the full collection. The range was also promoted via a Department Takeover and Social Media for maximum engagement. Overall, a really engaging and impactful campaign to promote an exciting (and rather delicious) product as it landed on ASDA shelves.