Your Conference Questions Answered


We have tried to answer as many of your questions as possible, and will follow up by hosting a series of workshops for suppliers, where you can learn more about our media proposition and how to plan campaigns across the entire portfolio.



  • With 50% of baskets happening through app, would there be any opportunity for a category takeover via the ASDA App as part of Merchant's Den?         

  • Low Price Lock POS is awful, just black & white with tiny writing.         

  • I'm assuming that the presentations will be shared after the webinar is complete?
  • Hello, one question for Hannah Thomas: Thanks for sharing the new plan to land NPD in store - it's very good. What about media opportunity to install digital screen in-aisle, to disrupt shoppers? Is there a plan on how suppliers could unlock this as an opportunity? Thank you
  • Will the email campaigns be available regionally? We are currently listed in NI and Scottish stores.
  • What is the % sales split between online via computer vs. apps?

  • Hi, what media options exist for local branded range e.g. Scotland and Northern Ireland?
  • Do you have an updated media pack to share, to showcase these new media formats?
  • Will the slides and videos be available to view after the conference?
  • Asda clearly has access to a wealth of insight and data specific to online. Is there any plans to share this with suppliers to enable us to build our online plans in more detail?
  • The new online assets look great.  When will these be live and available to book?  The proposals we receive  are always the same whereas it seems there are a wealth of options that could be options for us, particularly when looking for fully branded options.
  • Please send out all videos after the session - I can hear but have no visual.
  • When does the briefing system go live?
  • The Supplier Portal looks and sounds INCREDIBLE. Can't wait to start using it! Will it have all current / booked campaigns on there from Friday when we receive logins?
  • Will Strategic Brand Partnerships remain exclusive for one supplier per category?




  • We don't currently have the functionality to replace takeover on apps - our apps don't support rich text. However, we are looking to develop more rich media on apps later this year to have more parity with the desktop experience - watch this space!
  • Our POS toolkit for Low Price Lock includes a full catalogue of elements which sit within our red and yellow value colour palette. We know from our customer insight that red and yellow signify value to our customers, and we're hearing really positive feedback from our customers and colleagues following the launch of the full POS suite. We have also included the Low Price Lock logo on our SELs (which will show up as black & white) so that customers can be clear at the shelf edge which products we have locked the price of, for a minimum of 12 weeks and these landed in-store a few days ahead of the full POS launch.
  • Yes.                                                                                                                                      
  • We have exciting plans in this space and are looking to trial these in Stevenage shortly.   

  • No.   

  • Here are the web app splits for the last 4 weeks: 
    Android app: 18.23% visits, 21.23% cart adds, 11.10% orders

    IOS app: 23.33% visits, 31.65% cart adds, 24.95% orders

    Web App - Desktop: 18.83% visits, 25.55% cart adds, 30.53% orders

    Web App - Mobile: 35.43% visits, 17.65% cart adds, 27.63% orders

    Web App - Tablet: 4.20% visits, 3.90% cart adds, 5.83% orders
  • Digital screens, ASDA FM, Barker, and all of our Online Grocery assets.
  • Will be live and available to download from this website from Friday 19th March. In the meantime, all media is viewable in the media section of this website.
  • Yes. The slides will be circulated and the videos are all on this website.
  • You can pick from the prebuilt segments and personas (that are continually optimised) to target.

  • These are live now! Detail of the media are in the 'Media' section of this website, and will be available to download in the new media pack from 19th March 2021.

  • You can access all the video content on this website.
  • Q2.
  • Yes, they should all be live now.

  • Yes.




Thank You